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Who buys Art online?

Do people make impulse ART purchases on the Internet?

If you have your paintings hanging in a gallery, shop etc then you can encourage people to look, touch even smell your works of art. High Street shopping and gallery purchases are a sensual experience, so how does this work on the Internet?

Clients are constantly searching for the next must have object, they read reviews, they visit galleries and craft fairs and are sometimes captured by cynical marketing. When friends, neighbours and family show off their latest lifestyle purchase, frantic impulse buying (online) begins.

Creating content that is memorable is important to your Art business and vital in perpetuating all the hard work you have done with web site search engine optimization. Optimisation is not a static process – updating web pages and creating new web content creates memorable websites – which is important if they have a commercial purpose. The stats you get on your web traffic may indicate you have kept people on your sites for hours but what are they doing? Are they stealing your content or ideas? Quality clicks are a rare commodity, your web content needs constantly updating – it needs to be fed in order to sustain your client audience, they need to know what you have to say about your works of art and they need constantly updated material. Read more

Below is an extract from an article which appeared in The Sunday Telegraph, Sunday 31 July by Veronica Henry.

Photo by Peter Bright
Photograph by Peter Bright

In praise of impulse buying

‘I was 22 when it started, one Saturday afternoon. With a coat the colour of Golden Shred and a flaxen mane and tail, Marmalade was for sale for the princely sum of £800. I hadn’t the money, nor anywhere to keep him, nor had I much of an idea how to look after a horse. But by six o’clock that evening he was mine.

His purchase caused uproar, chaos and consternation. But I didn’t care. I was high on a cocktail of euphoria, excitement and adrenalin. My nearest and dearest pleaded with me to cancel the cheque, but I was resolute. I woke the next morning knowing life was never going to be quite the same.’ Read more

Allergy#7 – painting at bargain price!

Painting by Peter Bright - Allergy #7

Painting by Peter Bright “Allergy #7”

Original painting by Peter Bright . Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2003 – 2011 Size: 303 mm x 403mm Includes original studio frame… Continue reading

Allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system Allergic reactions occur to normally harmless environmental substances known as allergens; these reactions are acquired, predictable, and rapid. Common allergic reactions include eczema, hives, hay fever, asthma attacks, food allergies, and reactions to the venom of stinging insects such as wasps and bees. I am allergic to creativity – begining and creating new works make me panic and sweat. Creativity is a curse.

Who is Peter Bright? – from Wikipedia

This Window (UK) was formed by Peter Bright around 1985; earlier tape experiments exist from 1979 to 1984. These tape experiments formed the basic philosophy of This Window. The analogue tape machine became the main instrument used to create ‘songs’. This interest in experimentation had been nurtured whilst being a member of the Exeter College of Art bands, T.34 (1978 – 1980) and The Urge (1979). The Urge supported Adam and the Ants and Bauhaus and were offered a record contract with 4AD but decided to split up and consequently didn’t sign. In A Glass Darkly (1981) was a project with the lead singer from The Urge, Russell Young and two ballet dancers who performed to a tape backing track of a dripping tap, only a handful of gigs were played in London. This project ended and Peter later joined Finish The Story (1981 -1986) as guitarist.

The perfect conduit for This Window’s music and art was the Cassette Culture and Mail Art scenes. These networks of artists and musicians encouraged an early form of open source cooperation, with projects being shared and created. This methodology fitted in with This Window’s approach to creativity.

Over the years This Window became the pseudonym of Peter Bright.

Music production


  • Review in German magazine ‘Epitaph’ 1991, contains list of solo releases from 1988 – 1991 [1]
  • Review and interview with the BBC in 2005 about the release of ‘The Sampler #05’.[2] There is a link on this page to an audio clip of the interview.
  • Review by Mick Mercer: [3] in 2007
  • Review in Grave Jibes Fanzine (Russia) February 2010 [4] pages 64 to 71. This includes an interview and a review of ‘Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009’
  • Article on early experiences of home taping [5] from the ‘The Living Archive Of Underground Music’


This Window. (2011, April 16). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 09:50, August 30, 2011, from

Download UK Album
Cassette Culture 1989 – 2009

Original Framed Painting £40.36

Due to a ‘time waster’ this painting has now become available again.

Original painting by Peter Bright.

Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2003 – 2011

Size: 303 mm x 403mm

Includes original studio frame.

Buy here…


The blog of Morgue Gallery, an online Art Store based in the UK, has reached the top 5 in the Technorati blog charts for Arts and the top 100 for Living. Morgue Gallery takes its clients peace of mind seriously by employing the services of SiteLock. Their clients can now be assured their consumer details are being handled in a professional way and managed and hosted on green servers by North Devon Web.

Art Auction

Portrait of a Girl by Gerald Moore

Should you wish to make a bid on one or more of the Silent Auction Lots, there are three ways in which you can achieve this:-

a) You can email your bid to us, using the direct link from your chosen lot(s) on our website. The emailed bids will not be accessed until Sunday 11th September at 7.30p.m.

b) You can send a postal bid. Mark your envelope ‘SILENT AUCTION ‘. If you are bidding on more than one Lot, each bid must be on a separate sheet of paper. Envelopes will not be opened until 7.30p.m. on Sunday 11th September.

c) From 15th August there will be a locked post box in St Peter’s Church, West Buckland, where you can post your bids. If your are bidding on more than one Lot, each bid must be on a separate sheet of paper. The box will not be opened until 7.30p.m. on Sunday 11th September.

Remember, which ever method you chose and for which ever Lot you wish to bid on,  you will need to show the amount you are pledging, your name and address and your telephone number.

The winner of each Lot will be announced at ‘The Evening with Dana’ concert on Sunday 11th September.

Lot 1 : The choice of one of three paintings or drawings by Gerald Moore. These will be exhibited in St. Peter’s Church from 15th August until 11th September 2011.

Minimum Bid £200

The three paintings are part of the unique Collection of the Works of Gerald Moore and are due to be exhibited permanently soon in a London Gallery. Read more…

‘Dog in Landscape’ is in the top 5 blogs for Arts in the charts and the top 100 for Living.

Original painting by Peter Bright

Curating an Exhibition

I have really been struggling getting back into the swing of things since coming back from our family vacation a few days ago. I have now got to collate all the entry forms for the West Buckland Festival – ‘Festival Director of Art’ I would prefer the title curator, which is technically what I have been for over three years… Continue reading →

Buy My Art! Guy the Gorilla – painting for sale

Whatever Happened to the Space Age £51.12. Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011. Size: 400mm x 400mm. Buy here

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Top 5 blogs for Arts is in the top 5 blogs for Arts in the charts and the top 100 for Living.

Below are some links to the blog. Morgue Gallery is an online art store where you can buy original paintings and prints.

Original painting by Peter Bright .

Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011.

Size: 500mm x 400mm

Painting  on deep box canvas. £47.08 ($70). Shipping Free. Buy here…


My heroes have grown old with me or they have died – maybe their death has been a way to freeze time, stop the aging process – not only for them but for me also?.

‘Peter’s exhibition was inspired by iconic images he used when he was at art school in the 70s on the theme of Beauty and the Beast – inc Sid and Nancy and Guy the Gorilla! – and I think the results are really bold and impactful.’

I have always been a hoarder, newspaper clippings, postcards etc. It is only now that I have decided to recycle them.

Guy the Gorilla (May 30, 1946 – 1978) was a Western Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) which was London Zoo‘s famous resident, something of a celebrity in the 1960s–70s and was often profiled on kids TV shows and natural history productions. Guy the Gorilla was one of London Zoo’s best-loved animals.He arrived at the zoo on 5 November 1947,  Guy Fawkes Night, hence his name. He was a tiny baby, weighing just 23 lb (10 kg) and holding a small tin hot-water bottle.

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Sid Vicious painting for sale – $75.00Whatever Happened to the Space Age” Original painting by Peter Bright. Media: Painting and Screen Print on deep box canvas, signed and dated 2011.Size: 400mm x 400mm. Continue reading →

Nancy Spungen – painting “Whatever Happened to the Space Age” £57.17 Painting and Screen Print on box canvas, signed and dated 2011. Size: 500mm x 400mm. Continue reading →

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The Hare with Amber Eyes

Cover of "The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Fam...

Cover via Amazon

The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance, is a book about ‘the history of objects’ or in this case a collection of objects, an inherited collection of Japanese netsuke.

Objects take on a life of their own when they leave the creators hands. They are no longer the responsibility of the artist (craftsman) – they move through history, out living their custodians, moving on through history and catastrophe. They are survivors.

Tiny and tactile the netsuke are “small, tough explosions of exactitude.” Their story spans cultures and continents. They were originally the possessions (the collection) of the Ephrussis, wealthy Jewish grain traders who spread from Russia to the important, wealthy capitals of Europe – their empire finally being destroyed by the Nazis.

These objects tell a fascinating story about the way the world has been molded by the need for commodities and trade, greed, war and jealousy.

Art is a commodity, a product of capitalism.

Woodcuts – Printmaking – Nude

Nude (woodcut print) This series of woodcuts is still available to purchase with a few more remaining. Originally  exhibited in the 150 Building at West Buckland School in North Devon during June and July 2011. This woodcut is printed over … Continue reading →

The Gilded Gutter Life of Francis Bacon

The paintings of Francis Bacon have always stood out in the crowded museums and galleries that are stuffed full of mediocre British paintings.

Daniel Farson gives a personal view of his (if only in his own mind) ‘friend’s’ chaotic debauched life, gay lovers, masochistic beatings and ‘bits of rough’. This is in no way a proper critical view of this painter’s life, it is merely a tabloid’s view, scandalous, shallow and sometimes pathetic. It is a fantastic read!

The storytelling is random and underscored with Farson’s  deep bitterness – I think he wanted to be a bigger player in this game.

Bacon’s early life, which sounds positively hideous, the days in Berlin, Paris and the buggering about on the coast. The deep depression and the sex driven, drink driven highs are all in The Gilded Gutter Life of Francis Bacon. Well worth reading.

From the mid 1960s, Bacon mainly produced portrait heads of friends. He often said in interviews that he saw images “in series”, and his artistic output often saw him focus on single themes for sustained periods including his crucifixion, Papal heads, and later single and triptych heads series. He began by painting variations on the Crucifixion and later focused on half human-half grotesque heads, best exemplified by the 1949 “Heads in a Room” series. Following the 1971 suicide of his lover George Dyer, Bacon’s art became more personal, inward looking and preoccupied with themes and motifs of death. The climax of this late period came with his 1982 “Study for Self-Portrait”, and his late masterpiece Study for a Self Portrait -Triptych, 1985-86. Despite his seemingly existentialist outlook on life, Bacon appeared to be a bon vivant, spending much of his middle and later life eating, drinking and gambling in London’s Soho with Lucian Freud, John Deakin, Daniel Farson, Patrick Swift, Jeffrey Bernard, Muriel Belcher and Henrietta Moraes, among others. Following Dyer’s death he distanced himself from this circle and became less involved with rough trade to settle in a platonic relationship with his eventual heir, John Edwards.

Another painting in a Private Collection

Painting for exhibition

Painting: 55″ x 55″ oil on canvas

‘Walk Away or Jump’

by Peter Bright

Inspired by a cliff walk with one of Robert Rauschenberg’s assistants in 1979 and painted in 2010 and is one of a pair. This painting is now in a private collection. The image of the man holding the fish was taken in Cuba in 1999. We were staying in a beach complex. The canteen that feed us all ran out of food. A handful of us hired … Continue reading →

Morgue Gallery is in the top 10 blogs for Arts

Morgue Gallery is in the top 10 blogs for Arts in the charts! “Whatever Happened to the Space Age” Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011. Size: 400mm x 400mm. Deep box canvas … Continue reading

La Belle et La Bête

Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011.
Size: 1208mm x 802mmSupplied in the original black ‘temporary’ studio frame.
Buy Here

Notes on Painting:

The act of being creative is a love hate thing – The Beauty and The Beast someone fetch a priest (ref. David Bowie)

Beauty and the Beast (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a traditional fairy tale. The first published version of the fairy tale was a rendition by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, published in La jeune américaine, et les contes marins in 1740. The best-known written version was an abridgement of her work published in 1756 by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, in Magasin des enfants, ou dialogues entre une sage gouvernante et plusieurs de ses élèves; an English translation appeared in 1757. The tale has perhaps been made most recently famous by the retelling in the 1991 Disney film. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. liberated 12:47, April 7, 2011, from: