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Secret Santa for UK Authors

I set this up because most authors working from home don’t get the fun of an office Christmas party or Secret Santa, and why should we miss out on the fun? So how it works is: Authors DM or notify me on Twitter to say they want to take part – deadline 15th December – and I compile the Secret Santa list.

I allocate each author a Secret Santa from the list.
So then:

  1. Each author gets the name of another author to send a copy of their latest book, beautifully wrapped of course!
  2. Each author will also be contacted by their own Secret Santa so they can be sent a book. It is all organised by DM on twitter. The only slight glitch may be if you aren’t following your Secret Santa in which case they can’t DM you, but people usually send a discreet open message to alert you so you can follow them. The only rules are you must be a published author with a UK address – this last rule is to keep the postage fair.

Follow me on Twitter – @veronica_henry – if you want to take part.

Veronica Henry

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