Road trips inspire my art – fast cars

Road trips and long journeys hurtle undefined landscapes past your window. Star-shaped spears spin and pierce the night sky as they shoot from streetlights and mountains stand solid on the horizon as the trees in the foreground blur and streak across your eyes.

Lake Zürich

The fifth annual Cannonball 8000 Rally came to a close in Croatia on Sunday evening, 16th September 2007. 120 vehicles, including Jaguars, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis and a cartoon fire engine, began the journey from Earls Court in London.

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Sadly the German authorities decided not to allow the Cannonball 8000 drivers to cross their country, we were informed at the last moment during dinner in Brussels, Cannonball 8000 founder Conrad Wall made an announcement advising participants of the risk of impoundments if they entered Germany. Of course we (reluctantly) respected the German authorities’ decision. Some entrants decided to run the gauntlet, twenty-seven vehicles were subsequently stopped and impounded in Germany. We took a detour and went via Zurich, hugging the German border – A majority of the cars made it to the finish in Zagreb.


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Peter Bright (aka This Window)

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