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#Paignton – ‘Trees Dance Naked’

16 January 2013 17:08

On Sunday I went to the premier of Garry Smout’s video of ‘Trees Dance Naked’. I have a small cameo role in this Gothic (?) tale of unrequited love and murder. Not sure I will be collecting a supporting actor Oscar in the near future…

Below are some images I took of Paignton.
Paignton Beach - South DevonPaignton Beach - South DevonPaignton Beach - South DevonPaignton Pier - South DevonPaignton Beach - South DevonPaignton Beach - South Devon

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Images and photographs are memories of what was and can no longer be.

12 January 2013 11:32
'Onions' oil painting by Peter BrightThe Pentax P30, 35mm film camera  has a semi-automatic mode, which chooses most of the settings but allows for more creativity.Satin sheenRabbitsSalad Days = Maybe ?Pornography + free?powerPeter Bright - Artist
RECYCLE was an exhibition of artwork using recycled materials; anything from mud and earth to old tin cans and plastic. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Dartmoor’ – all the work related in some way to Dartmoor – using material found there or simply by artists who work there. More than a dozen artists submitted work for the show.

The exhibition opened on 15 April and continued until 27 May

The Museum of Dartmoor Life (MDL) is a local museum in Okehampton, Devon, southwest England. The museum was opened in 1981 and is housed on three floors of a 19th century mill. There is a waterwheel exhibited at the museum. The collections concentrate on the social history of Dartmoor and Okehampton from prehistoric times to the present. The museum is run as an independent charitable trust with a board of trustees.

Museum of Dartmoor Life. (2011, June 25). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 11:27, January 12, 2013, from

Images with PVC packaging tape.

2003 – 2006 – tape on found cardboard

There are several colours of tape available, ranging from brown to vivid reds and blues. These tapes are transparent and can be used in layers like watercolour paint or lithographic printing. Using tape is a very quick and physical way to create images. The plasticness of the material has a unique quality and is ideal for creating images that are bold, strong, colourful and contemporary. Each layer adds depth and intensity to the colour underneath and like lithography new colours are created as each transparent layer is added.

Photo Gallery – Naked Truth

05 January 2013 11:01
Art in Russia - Gaugauin Notebook First man in space I am a painter Domestic bliss Coat on train The first spaceman Shirts on a curtain

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Bottle and Glass - Pentax Espio 120mi by 35mm_photographs

The quality of point and shoot 35mm film cameras is rather poor if you compare them to modern digital SLRs but…

The warm quality and retro feel of the images are perfect for my analogue exploits.

The Pentax Espio 120mi is point-and-shoot, mid-range, 35mm film camera (also called a compact camera) and is a still camera designed for simplicity. The Espio is an autofocus unit, having automatic exposure settings options and a built in flash unit.

The photograph above was taken using a Pentax Espio 120mi, which I obtained from a charity shop for £1.50. I used Ilford HP5 Plus a 35mm black and white film. More on HP5 here?

Design initiatives make this a small and flexible camera – notably the physical size and overall quality of finish make this camera a stylish baby. It houses a good quality zoom lens (38-120mm), with plenty of features that enable a variety of picture taking settings.

The focus and exposure system on this easy to use camera is an improvement on earlier Pentax compacts, giving sharp results and a decent contrast of tones. One of the most useful applications available on this model is ‘backlight compensation’ setting, which enables you to take a photograph using natural light in the background and flash in the foreground, giving an even tone across the image. Panorama mode is included in this little package which gives a different aspect ratio from most other cameras.

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