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The Light Burns Blue: An interview with Jake Bright

Jake Bright – interview


composer jake bright has been working hard in the rehearsal room, devising the music for THE LIGHT BURNS BLUE. here, he explores the process of scoring a piece of devised theatre, working COLLABORATIVELY with the young company, and tells us what we can expect from the show…

Jake Bright in the rehearsal room. Photos by Duncan Smith Jake Bright in the rehearsal room. Photos by Duncan Smith

Can you tell us a little bit about the role music plays in The Light Burns Blue?

I’m always trying to work out how to enhance the drama and characters onstage – what they’re thinking, where the story’s going, how the characters feel. That’s the most important thing for me, capturing the moment. Since the whole piece is about a series of photographs, I guess that’s quite a good philosophy!

How do you even begin to approach the process of scoring a play – particularly one that is devised in the rehearsal room?

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Don’t steal my art – you rat!

Dead Rat in Roof Guttering by This Window

There are people out there who will steal, copy and adapt your art for their own gain – this is not plagiarism it is theft.

Plagiarism is defined in dictionaries as the “wrongful appropriation,” “close imitation,” or “purloining and publication” of another author’s ” language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions,” and the representation of them as one’s own original work, but the notion remains problematic with nebulous boundaries.

These thieves are vermin, they are annoying and like their namesakes rats – they belong in the gutter.

They always say that imitation is a form of flattery.

A  rat’s ability to learn, has been investigated to see if they exhibit general intelligence like larger or more complex animals…the one in the above photograph wasn’t, it is now food for the flies.

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Still Life with tomato ketchup

Still Life with tomato ketchup by 35mm_photographs

This image was taken with another vintage Pentax camera that I purchased of ebay on the 15th July 2012. The Pentax Spotmatic takes M42 screw-thread lenses and was introduced by Asahi in 1964, it was the first SLR camera to sell well with a through-the-lens (TTL) exposure metering system. The light meter is activated by pushing a small switch (which is on the left side of the lens housing) upwards.

This gallery contains 4 photos of my Pentax P30.

I have only recently acquired this Pentax P30 camera but I have had a great time using it. This is the camera I took to Lanzarote – I even managed to drop it onto a tiled floor without damaging it – I … Continue reading →

One of the bigest (art?) projects I have ever been involved in

Established in 1999 In Memory Of received worldwide TV, radio and media coverage. In Memory Of was set up to provide a new and unique service, enabling people to express their feelings for their loved ones using a memorial and obituary tribute facility. This site is currently being totally rebuilt using WordPress

I have always enjoyed doing art that are based around creating networks – which is why I have been involved with mailart and live media streaming projects… The post below is lifted from

In Memory Of – is it a network art piece?

29THMarch 2000, InMemoryOf sign a strategic alliance deal with the National Association of Funeral Directors (UK). This alliance allows the members of the NAFD easy access to the services of InMemoryOf, allowing their clients to place on-line obituaries and memorials as a part of their funeral packages.Alan Slater, NAFD’s chief executive, said “We are all aware of the tremendous Internet explosion, and the NAFD has been approached by numerous companies offering on-line services relevant to our industry. We were particularly impressed by what Peter and Mark had to offer, because of their empathetic approach to the needs of our members and their clients. We believe they will uphold the high professional standards that the NAFD requires, as well as offering a discreet service that will be beneficial to the bereaved.”

A day in the life of .. In Memory Of (3rd May 2000) – #marketing #inmemoryof

During the Internet boom of the early 2000s small independent companies not only had to deal with the new medium of ‘online business’ but had to learn how to deal with the media, who were  hungry for news and intrigue.

A lot of these new business struggled to cope with the instant pressure of global attention. Time zones disappeared and TV and Radio interviews could happen anytime of the day. These early pioneers of the Internet worked long hours and many of them crashed and burned.

During these early days the rules of online marketing were written.

Below is a section from the diary of In Memory Of from 3rd May 2000

    • 7.45am: Turn the computers on in our Worcestershire office.
    • 8.00am: The Financial Times prints an article about us which prompts Mike Sergeant, from Sky News, to ask for an interview with us in South Ealing, London.
    • 9.30am: Collect a new batch of postcards from our local printer and approve artwork for new leaflets.
    • 10.30am: Collect Mark and drive to London.
    • 11.00am: Park the car and have a telephone interview with Bill Mouland from the Daily Mail.
    • 1.00pm: Stop the car again and organize a radio interview in Worcester for 10.00pm.
    • 2.00pm: Arrive at location for filming.
day2.jpg day1.jpg
    • 3.00pm: Leave London and head back up the M4 to the Midlands.
    • 4.00pm: Stop on Motorway for a cup of tea and a large breakfast (first food of the day).
    • 6.00pm: Arrive back in the office and sort through emails.
    • 7.00pm: Watch the news item on Sky News.
    • 9.00pm: Set off for the studios of BBC Hereford & Worcester.
    • 9.45pm: Wait in studio to be connected to London for a live interview on BBC Radio 4.


  • 10.25pm: Leave radio station.
  • 12.15am: Get back to office. Check emails and reply.
  • 12.45am: Turn computers off and leave office.
  • The next day in the life of InMemoryOf  (4th May 2000) …
    To cut a long story short, it began at 6.45am and ended at 12.30am on the 5th of May.

In Memory Of is a service to help the family and friends of somebody loved and lost to express their feelings in a lasting way.

Mary Jane Bright 1902 – 1980

When Mary was in her teens she was apprenticed to a chemist in Sheffield, traveling by train every day from her home.

She was the woman behind the scenes in their grocer’s shop, where they were famous for their home made ‘ice lollies’. People still remember them for their delicious treats, which they made from ‘Tizer’ and other bottles of ‘pop’.

She was a ‘Spiritulist’ by conviction, with local business men and tradesmen alike knocking on her door for advice and guidance, and her ‘messages’ influenced deals and life changes all around her. The respect she had was far larger than her diminutive size. Read more

In Memory Of – #genealogy and Internet Memorials

The Internet has been around for such a long time now – it has its own history and fashions and like the real world fashions come back again…


The simplest forms of #printmaking always give the best results.

WordPress and art blogs

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“Other coverage of art blogs includes interviews of art bloggers, reviews of art blog site, and recommendations of favourite sites. Art Connect has produced around 90 reviews of art blogs, and undertakes interviews with art bloggers. The Courtauld Institute of Art, in London, maintains a list of recommended art blogs. Directories such as Yahoo! Directory and BlogCatalog maintain a list of user submitted art blogs.”

Art blog. (2012, April 18). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 11:44, April 29, 2012, from

Adobe Photoshop Allergy art art sale Beauty & The Beast Belgium Blog business Cassette Culture Creativity Devon Domestic rabbit exhibition finish the story Guy Fawkes Night Guy the Gorilla London London Zoo Mail mail art Mail Art and Artistamps Mick Mercer music Nancy Spungen Oil paint Paint painting paintings print printing printmaking punk Rabbit Screen Print Space Age store Technorati this window veronica henry video Visual Art Visual Arts west buckland Western Lowland Gorilla woodcut

Road trips inspire my art – fast cars

Road trips and long journeys hurtle undefined landscapes past your window. Star-shaped spears spin and pierce the night sky as they shoot from streetlights and mountains stand solid on the horizon as the trees in the foreground blur and streak across your eyes.

Lake Zürich

The fifth annual Cannonball 8000 Rally came to a close in Croatia on Sunday evening, 16th September 2007. 120 vehicles, including Jaguars, Aston Martins and Lamborghinis and a cartoon fire engine, began the journey from Earls Court in London.

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Sadly the German authorities decided not to allow the Cannonball 8000 drivers to cross their country, we were informed at the last moment during dinner in Brussels, Cannonball 8000 founder Conrad Wall made an announcement advising participants of the risk of impoundments if they entered Germany. Of course we (reluctantly) respected the German authorities’ decision. Some entrants decided to run the gauntlet, twenty-seven vehicles were subsequently stopped and impounded in Germany. We took a detour and went via Zurich, hugging the German border – A majority of the cars made it to the finish in Zagreb.


Click on the images above for more photos.

Innsbruck train station – Orient Express

More images of the Orient Express Due to European regulations the Orient Express has to change engines in every country it enters, these regulations also prevent steam powered engines from being used. From Innsbruck train station you can see the … Continue reading

Peter Bright (aka This Window)

StumbleUpon – the best site and app ever  StumbleUpon is becoming the most useful ‘share link’ site around. The element of randomness that is built into both the website and app is inspirational…

Economy of space and design

Sometimes less is more. Art and design that gets straight to the point tends to be more successful than objects or things that are jam packed with irrelevant nonsense. It is far better to pack a killer punch by saying exactly what you mean in the simplest way. Everything you need should be straight in front of you – to understand its function or meaning – tight and compact.

Great real world examples are the 1929 sleeper compartments on the Orient Express.  Each cabin has an original washbasin cabinet, having  hot and cold running water – there is a little storage, mirrors and places to stuff your toiletries, all confined into a space smaller than a single wardrobe – economy of space and design.

Interior of Orient Express – image gallery


This gallery contains 12 photos.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a private luxury train service that travels from London to Venice. Traveling on the Orient Express across Europe is a romantic, nostalgic and luxurious experience. The craftsmanship that went into creating the original carriages would be … Continue reading →

My old lecture theatre and painting studio – Exeter Art College


This gallery contains 3 photos.

The derelict painting studios in Exeter College of Art looked smaller than I remember – these were the spaces where I learnt my painting skills and the place where I was told to forget my painting skills. Those were the … Continue reading →

Institutional Traits (Series 1)

Institutional Traits 2012

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Sarah Bennett installation at Exeter Collage of Art and Design, March/April 2012 Click on images for my thoughts and reactions to this exhibition. Low quality images from employee photo identity cards have been scanned at a high resolution, enlarged and … Continue reading →

Images of Exeter College of Art – March 31st 2012

3D studio

This gallery contains 15 photos.

These are photos of the deserted building in Earl Richards Road North in Exeter the site of the former Exeter College of Art and Design. The building belongs to The University of Plymouth (which was originally a Polytechnic) with its … Continue reading →

Images – The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Traveling through modern Europe in these economic troubled times, the polarization of wealth has become more and more obvious. The sumptuous richness of the top locations are a complete flip side to the ‘third world’ poverty of the crumbling city slums.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is a private luxury train service that travels from London to Venice. Traveling on the Orient Express across Europe is a romantic, nostalgic and luxurious experience.

The craftsmanship that went into creating the original carriages would be very difficult to replicate – inlaid wood, frosted glass reliefs and chromed fittings. These wonderfully engineered pieces of railway rolling stock date back to the 1920s and 1930s. The whole ensemble oozes history.

station_victoria orient_express_dining_car_lalique orient_express_sleeper_washbasin orient_express_dining_car orient_express_corridor_ carriage interior_sleeper_car_orient_express_fittings interior_sleeper_car_orient_express orient_express_diningcar_lalique breakfast_orient_express orient_express_bar interior_sleeper_car_orient_express_fittings orient_express_corridor

Gwen – a carriage – beautiful

First class kitchen car, 20 seats, built 1932 by Metropolitan Cammell Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd for the Brighton Belle. In 1948 was used, with sister car Mona, to convey Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother) to Brighton. Brighton Belle service withdrawn in 1972. Preserved as a restaurant at The Horseless Carriage, Chingford, Essex, and later at the Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham, Essex. Acquired by VSOE in 1988 and joined British Pullman Train in 1999. Decoration: Pearwood shell motif on English walnut.

29 years ago today

Twenty Nine years ago I played live at Exeter College of Art and Design – The only reason I remember this is because it also happened to be my birthday.

The video (give it 30 seconds to get rid of the images) was shot on a VHS machine.

Details from Wikipedia below:

Finish The Story were formed in Evesham (UK) in 1981. The original members were Nicola Mumford, Garry Smout and Peter Bright (aka This Window).

Formed as a cathartic reaction to the death of Nicola’s boyfriend and with only a handful of songs, a home-made video and under rehearsed, Finish The Story appeared for a one-off gig at The Phoenix Club, in Great Malvern (UK) as the support act for The Dancing Did

A review of the gig appeared in ZigZag (magazine) written by Sara Jones who said,

“Finish The Story’s debut gig was better than the second coming of Jesus Christ.”

With only a few gigs to their credit they supported The Cure at Hammersmith Odeon. Their first release was on Gunfire and Pianos (SITU 17) released by ZigZag/Situation Two